Docebo 7.0: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions related to Docebo 7.0.

Last Updated

March 27th, 2017

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This document answers frequently asked questions related to the Docebo 7.0 release. For specific questions you may still have about the release as it relates to your platform, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

General Questions

What’s new in Docebo 7.0?

Docebo 7.0 introduces several new features, as well as a revamped and improved interface. To learn more about all of the changes you’ll find in Docebo 7.0, refer to this changelog.

How can I preview the new changes and features before upgrading my platform? Who can see the preview?

The best way to preview changes before the 7.0 release is by using a sandbox. Only Administrators can preview Docebo 7.0. Learners and Power Users are not able to preview new changes and features before the Superadmin activates the 7.0 theme in the live platform.

Do I have to switch my platform interface to the Docebo 7.0 theme? If so, when?

Eventually, you will have to switch your platform to the Docebo 7.0 theme. While there is no official date for when your 6.9 theme will expire, we recommend switching to the 7.0 theme at your earliest convenience.

Will any of the new 7.0 features be available if I’m still using the 6.9 theme in my platform?

Yes. New features, such as the Communication Center and the new shopping cart, will be active in your platform while you are using the 6.9 theme in your platform. However, all interface changes won’t apply to your platform until you activate the Docebo 7.0 theme. Learn more about themes.

Is there new or updated documentation or help available for the release?

Yes, new documentation can be found in the Knowledge Base. You can access all new documentation specifically related to Docebo 7.0 directly from this changelog. Existing documentation will soon be updated to reflect all platform changes.


Will my sandbox be a copy of my current platform environment?

Only your database data (metadata) will be copied from your like environment to your sandbox. No content, such as learning objects, will be copied into your sandbox.

Do SMB customers have access to 7.0 sandboxes?

At this time, only Enterprise clients have access to 7.0 sandboxes.

How long are sandboxes available?

Sandboxes are available for three weeks, up until the official release of Docebo 7.0 on March 7, 2016.

CSS & Customization

Will my 7.0 theme support all of the CSS and customization that I have in my 6.9 theme?

No, any CSS that you have in your live platform will not be applied when you activate your 7.0 theme in your platform.

There is a lot of custom CSS on my 6.9 LMS. Can I receive CSS support from Docebo when updating my LMS to the 7.0 theme?

Because custom CSS varies from case-to-case, Docebo cannot provide full CSS support when you’re upgrading your platform to the 7.0 theme. If you need more information about specific details, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Learning and Support team via your platform’s Communication Center.

Mobile App

Do I need to configure any course or learning object settings in my desktop platform before using offline mode for the mobile app?

No, you will not need to set any specific settings in your courses or learning objects in order to be able to play training material in offline mode in your mobile app. Learn more about your mobile app here.


Will my APIs from 6.9 work for Docebo 7.0?

Your APIs from Docebo 6.9 will be available while the Docebo 6.9 theme is still available in your platform. Eventually, using an ongoing rollout process, all 6.9 APIs will be replaced with new APIs for the Docebo 7.0 theme. Once you see a specific feature or function in your interface, there will be a corresponding API available. To learn more about our existing and updated APIs, refer to our API documentation.


When will the shopping cart appear in my platform? Does it appear if I’m not using the E-Commerce feature?

The shopping cart will appear when a learner or power user adds an item from a catalog into the shopping cart. It will not appear if the E-Commerce module is not active in your LMS. Please note that the shopping cart does not appear when subscribing to course bundles.

Can a power user purchase seats for other users via the shopping cart?

Yes, power users can purchase multiple seats for courses with one transaction in the shopping cart.

Setup Guide

Is the Setup Guide only visible to Superadmins, or can Power Users see it as well?

The Setup Guide in your 7.0 platform is only visible to Superadmins.

Power User Updates

Will any power user permissions be added or changed with Docebo 7.0?

Yes, there are some new power user permissions available based on new features released in Docebo 7.0. Refer to the power user article in Docebo’s Knowledge Base to learn more.

Communication Center

Is the Communication Center only for Superadmins?

Yes, the Communication Center in your LMS is only available for Superadmins.

Will the Communication Center replace emails that we currently receive from Docebo?

Eventually, yes. The Communication Center will serve as the first point and communication hub between you and Docebo. The Communication Center will be expanded in the future to add more features, thus reducing the amount of emails you receive from Docebo.

How does the Communication Center work? Is support from the Learning & Support team available 24 hours a day?

To learn now to manage your Communication Center, refer to this article in Docebo’s Knowledge Base. While the Communication Center is made available for contacting support 24/7, The Learning & Support team will provide responses during business hours: 9am-6pm CET and 9am-6pm EST.