Performance Support in the Flow of Work With E-learning

• 2 min read

Organizations are constantly on the hunt to find the leg up on their competition – performance support is an incredibly opportunity to do so.

Organizations are on the constant hunt to find the leg up on their competition. Performance support offers a game-changing opportunity for enterprises to find their competitive advantage and make sure their people are armed with the tools they need to succeed. e-Learning and advanced learning platforms are the catalyst that ensure just-in-time performance support is delivered at the right time, and the content needed is easily discoverable. With the addition of social learning capabilities, subject-matter experts within an enterprise can also provide their own learnings and tools to performance support learning opportunities.

There is a distinct difference between performance support and traditional training. Traditional training focuses on formalized training modules, structured to be consumed at specific time intervals and require specific conditions. Performance support focuses on providing the tools necessary for success at the point of need when that support is needed. By bringing support to the point-of-need, the problem of training transfer disappears. Well-designed performance support solutions guide correct action, ensure compliance and help the consistent execution of critical tasks. Performance support also helps bring working and learning closer together.

Docebo is excited to bring together Charles Jennings and Vivian Heijnen, from the 70:20:10 Institute to discuss the topic of performance support and how it can power enterprise initiatives focused on just-in-time learning. Additionally, we’re excited to be releasing a whitepaper on the subject to provide further discoveries on the power that performance support can bring to organizational success.

The ever-increasing demand for easy access support and learning in the daily flow of work has led to increased focus on mobile solutions and ‘microlearning’. Performance support incorporates both of these emerging trends, but also helps flip Learning and Development approaches from focusing on learning how to work to learning while we work.

Performance support is seen as an optimal solution to address organizational problems such as high error rates, low productivity, lack of speed for execution and dynamic skills development.

Our webinar will explain the transition from formal learning to performance support and the role performance support plays in the 70:20:10 methodology, along with:

  • Why training alone does not contribute sufficiently or measurably to the strategic development of organizations
  • The practical role of performance support to deliver just-in-time solutions for higher productivity, greater agility, reduced error rates, improved compliance, faster speed to capability, and dynamic skills development – including examples in medicine, manufacturing and other industries
  • Case studies demonstrating tangible benefits of just-in-time performance support solutions in national and multinational firms
  • Proven approaches for creating performance support in the form of job aids, checklists and other tools using the 70:20:10 methodology
  • How the Docebo platform enables performance support at the point-of-use

Join our webinar to uncover the power of just-in-time learning through performance support.