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Unlimited Registered Users.
only pay for Active Users.

Pay for your users that become active by accessing a course during the 30 day billing period.


MONTHLY payments by Credit Card.
YEARLY payments by Credit Card or Wire Transfer  Save 2 Mo!


Need More USERS? Go Enterprise!

Product Enhancements

Extended Enterprise solution with multi-domain

Premium Integrations

Ongoing Success Management

Your LMS data where you want it to be

Superior Help Desk


Your own Docebo

Use your logo, your colors and your custom layout.

Help Desk

We’re here to help 24/7, even during the free trial

Extra Users

Extra Users exceeding active users plan:

Extend and Integrate your Docebo

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate the Free Trial?

Click on this link to activate the 14-day Free Trial of the Docebo SaaS LMS.

How can I upgrade from Trial to a paid edition?

Once logged into your LMS click on the “Buy Now” button to select the plan that best suits your needs. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact our Team.

What does “Active User” mean?

Active Users are all users that open a course learning object for the first time during the 30-day billing period. From then on, the same user can access the LMS as many times as they want for an unlimited number of courses.

Tell me about the Help desk service - how does it work?

Our Help desk team supports both free and paid subscriptions. LMS administrators requesting technical support can log-in to the Docebo E-Learning platform and click the “Help Desk” button.

I have subscribed to a paid plan in the past. What happens if I don’t renew it?

Your E-Learning platform will be deactivated, however,  we guarantee six months data retention. This means you will be able to restore your data by subscribing to a new paid plan. In that case, you will find all your data, training materials and reports available.

How can I reach Docebo via tablet devices?

The Docebo E-Learning platform is designed to be fully responsive on tablet devices.

Can I view the courses on a smartphone device?

The Docebo Mobile App allows users to access the platform directly from any mobile device. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

What are the APIs?

The APIs (Application Programming Interface) are instructions to be used to interface the Docebo E-Learning platform with third party software and applications. Developers can easily retrieve up-to-date documentation by going to the following page http://<mydomain>/api/docs

What is the customizable LMS layout?

Docebo allows you to customize your LMS layout easily and quickly. You can change the logo, login page images and texts, and the actual layout of the platform.  In addition, through a dedicated app, you can also completely rebrand your LMS .

Is there an expiration of the Free Trial?

Yes, the free trial is of 14 days duration. During this timeframe, you’ll be able to import or create as many users as needed, create new courses and upload materials, generate reports and more. You will also be able to try all the apps in the Docebo Apps Marketplace for free. You will have access to all the functionalities, without any limitations or restrictions.

How can I choose the right subscription plan?

If you have questions or concerns around the best solution for your E-Learning project, contact our sales team directly.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can purchase monthly and yearly plans directly with a credit card. If you wish to pay for the yearly plan via wire transfer, please contact our team.

How can I terminate the subscription plan?

If you want to terminate your subscription plan, you can do this easily by yourself:  go to the “Get more users” button and then select the “Terminate subscription” option. After termination your Docebo LMS will be active until the end of the current subscription period.

What happens if I reach the max number of active users?

You will be charged a fee of $5,90 USD or 4.50€ for each additional user that opens training content inside a course.