Customer training.
The best investment you’ll ever make.

Discover the key to customer renewal and expansion with the #1 LMS for customer training.

Educated and enabled customers

renew & grow with you

Education drives product use and adoption.

Provide the customer training platform they need to succeed and reach their business goals.

Enablement breeds healthy customers

Cover all stages of your customer lifecycle, with customer training programs designed to improve NPS scores, and reduce support asks.

Unlock the key to customer expansion

Reducing churn is just the beginning. The right customer training software is your key to expanding your customer base. It’s in the data.

The unbeatable LMS for customer training

Better flexibility.
Better results.

Personalize elements of the look and feel of your customer training platform to maximize brand identity.

Deliver the right content.
At the right time.

Update and deliver your online customer training content when it’s needed most.

Customer training
software, on-demand.

Customer enablement that can be guided, self-paced, or both, on any device.

Know what‘s working
and what isn’t.

Gauge the impact your customer training programs are having on the success of your business.

Customer onboarding & enablement FAQS

Can I sell my e-learning content through Docebo?

Yes, Docebo integrates with numerous e-commerce and payment gateway portals, including Shopify, Stripe, and PayPal.

Learn more here.

What integrations are available to support customer training programs?

Docebo supports 35+ native integrations and connectors, including HRIS, CRM, e-commerce, content authoring and SSO.

Find the complete list here.

Can I white-label my learning platform to match my company’s branding, look and feel?

Absolutely! Docebo’s user interface is completely configurable.

Docebo Pages also allows you to configure the look and feel of pages and menus based on the needs of specific audiences within your platform.

Learn more here.

Can I manage learners, instructors and admins with varying permissions levels?

Yes, Docebo allows administrators to provide other users various degrees of permissions within the platform and associated sub-domains.