Efficient customer training enables
scalable, rapid growth

Customer training drives positive business outcomes and fosters loyalty

Create expert customers by enabling them on your product and
processes to reduce ticket volumes and churn.

Improve productivity and

Customer training improves productivity and increases innovation. When product updates are released, customer training can ensure a smooth, incident-free rollout.

Help them meet business

Support your customers with the training materials and information they need to succeed with your product or service and – more importantly – meet their business objectives.

Establish a new recurring
revenue stream

Customer training increases customer loyalty and contributes to a positive experience, which can increase revenue. Open a new (and recurring) revenue stream by selling training content via subscription.

See how Appian uses Docebo to offer training as a subscription to
satisfy growing demand from customers and partners.

Customize the look and feel of
multiple domains

To optimize the Extended Enterprise learning process, Docebo’s Multidomain app allows you to rebrand your learning platform with your own branding elements to personalize each customers’ training experience.

Deliver content efficiently

A learning platform enables learning materials to be quickly updated and easily delivered to different audiences. This allows for product and service changes (e.g., UI updates, new features) to be communicated quickly and easily.

Customer training, on-demand

Customer training can either be guided, self-paced – or a combination of the two. For example, guided customer onboarding is often essential for helping customers launch new software. It’s also useful to provide material for self-paced learning that empowers customers to seek out the information they require at the point-of-need.

Measure success

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of learning technology is that it provides metrics on learner activity, allowing organizations to gather insights to fuel and improve their learning programs. These insights create stronger connections between learning and customer success.

Maximize customer relations and retention with training
powered by the Docebo Learning Platform.