The Challenge

The business need which led Thomson Reuters to Docebo’s Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS) was the need to train and develop its IP & Science division’s global sales team.

Erica LeBlanc, the division’s Operations Development Manager, manages a team of instructional designers focused on the creation and delivery of customized sales training courses.

She explained: “Our databases and systems provide our customers with timely information, leading to intelligent decision making.”

“So, when we update our products we need to tell our customers – and the faster we can share this information, the better. As the training team, we tend to be the conduit for this information sharing – and the platform we use is Docebo.”

Before the advent of the Docebo system, Erica and her small team of trainers delivered all of the division’s training, globally. According to Erica: “Wherever the training was needed around the world, it had to happen at 8am or 4pm local time. This meant I was waking up in the early hours of the morning, or staying up very late at night to work with my colleagues in different regions.”

This wasn’t sustainable. So, the IP & Science division decided to deliver its learning materials via an LMS.

“Previously, we had an LMS but it was too rigid,” said Erica. “We realized that, because we’re now delivering learning globally, we needed a system that we could customize in different languages, so users see information in their local language. Our aim was to make it easy for them to read and understand the learning materials. We were in search of an LMS with a streamlined interface – something that could be customized into multiple languages.”

Among other things, Thomson Reuters also wanted an LMS with a sleek, modern user interface and that was mobile compliant. It also wanted a system that could be quickly implemented, with minimal downtime.

“The migration was a first-rate experience,” Erica revealed. “We had the new system up and running globally within three months.”

In the longer term, Thomson Reuters sought to develop a fully blended approach, with classroom-delivered learning perfectly complementing the self-paced online learning materials augmented via webinars. Erica commented that, “The Docebo platform is ideal for helping us do this because of its ease of use and the fact that it’s the repository for our learning and development information.

“My background is in sales so, when I am a customer and I am being ‘sold to’, I tend to assess and critique the approach of a company” she revealed. “I have a very critical eye when selecting systems and determining how it will integrate with workflows but Docebo presented a high-quality product and an account management team to match.”

The Solution

Having installed the Docebo platform, the IP & Science division began using it to train all its sales representatives, using the LMS’s flexibility to set up individualized training plans to ensure that each user receives exactly the materials s/he needs.

“Our entire sales staff, as well as other parts of the IP & Science business, have access to the system,” said Erica. “We have a team policy not to limit anyone in the IP & Science business from gaining access. Furthermore, any Thomson Reuters manager can easily and conveniently access the records of people who report to them.”

Erica explained that, for every course, there’s a knowledge check or certification. This enables Erica and her team to gauge each learner’s understanding of the material they access. She added: “It also helps us identify any gaps in the learning content we provide. Thanks to the Docebo LMS, the reports allow us to analyze trends about what information is being retained, allowing us to make better informed training decisions on how the content is presented.

“We’re also able to meet the demands of the sales team quickly,” she added. “So, if there’s something specific that they want to learn, we can identify it, produce the relevant learning materials and get that to them – on a global scale – much quicker than was previously possible.

“Moreover, it cuts down on travel expenses since we’re a global team. The Docebo LMS helps to reduce costs that would typically be incurred for in-person meetings to ensure all staff has the same knowledge level.”

The Results

Launched in September 2014, the Docebo system at Thomson Reuters now holds over 135 SCORM-compatible files of learning materials. Sales representatives across six continents have received learning materials in multiple languages.

Since its implementation, news of the Docebo system has spread and Erica’s team now receives four to five requests daily from others within the business to access materials on the Docebo LMS.

“I now have non-sales people asking for non-sales training – showing there’s a need and a desire beyond our wider audience for us to start working with them,” Erica said. “I think the growing interest in the system stems from its quality and ease of use.

“Thanks to the Docebo LMS, key information is now getting to everyone at the same time. Through quizzing and knowledge checks, we can be sure that our team understands the information they’re receiving.”

“We are a growing company, and we need an LMS that can grow with us. I’ve discovered that’s what Docebo, and the people behind it, really provide,” she said.